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      Hi, I'm Trish and I'm passionate about helping people just like you make sustainable     lifestyle changes. Are you facing barriers in your health or personal journey? Are you tired of struggling alone? I can support you by helping you identify and overcome obstacles that are blocking you. I would love to help you get your body rebalanced and start building healthy habits and overall wellness. 


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Hi, I'm Trish and I am an Integrative Health Practitioner.  I help my clients get their life back by rebalancing their bodies and helping them get to the root cause of their illness.


What does an Integrative Health Practitioner do?

An Integrative Health Practitioner will help support you in making choices for your personal health and wellness journey. 

An IHP...

-   Focuses on a holistic/functional approach to health by integrating knowledge from the 7 disciplines of IHP for general health and wellness.


-   Works with clients to address all aspects of the DESTRESS Protocol to help teach others how to heal themselves naturally.


-   Helps clients identify roadblocks that may be in the way of healing and empowers clients to take action on their own health journey through building new habits and creating long term changes.


-   Considers the complete health history, emotional state, and lifestyle habits of each person to assist in discovering the root cause of his or her health issues- and create action plans to assist in goals for overcoming health challenges.


-   Often works in conjunction with other health practitioners to support the client and refers out for additional support as needed.


-   Combines the best of all healing health modalities into one comprehensive client-centered practice





Appointments via Zoom
House Calls Option Coming Soon.





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